Для власників картки українського банку:
💳 Карта ПриватБанку
5168 7427 3251 2904 Онопрієнко Галина
4149 6293 9967 6170 Сафарян Христина
💳 Карта Моно Банку
5375 4141 2595 4429 Онопрієнко Галина

Або за посиланням: Швидка ссилка

PayPal: lenaartykhovych@gmail.com

Due to the situation in the country, all bank cards of our owner are not available because she is located in the occupied city. For now, we recommend that you do not send us donations, but if you still want to send help, please use the following:

Open the website: https://wise.com/us/
Transfer your donation to this card: 4149629355402967
Name: Olena
Last name: Artykhovych
Email: lenaartykhovych@gmail.com
Address: 01001, Ukraine, city Kyiv, street Alma-Atinska 109

PayPal: lenaartykhovych@gmail.com

One thought on “Пожертвування під час війни | Donations during the war

  1. Please can you provide me with your shelter’s bank details so that I can donate money to your shelter in GBP from England?

    Please can you email me in English as I cannot read the Ukrainian language?

    Sending best wishes and warm regards to all of you. You are all doing an amazing job.

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